Vivaldi Plaza Business Center Certificated Under BREEAM Standards

December 19, 2013. - Vivaldi Plaza A-class Business Center has been certificated under the UK Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) with the overall score of 47.9% (GOOD).

According to the requirements of BREEAM environmental standards a number of technological solutions have been applied in the business center thus making it possible to enhance energy efficiency, save environmental resources, improve the quality of used space and convenience of leased premises.

To minimize the loss of heat and air humidity Vivaldi Plaza Business Center has been equipped with heat-recovery ventilation unit, system of energy-saving lighting including the automatic control for indoor and outdoor lighting. A special control system of energy resources consumption is put into operation. It is recording the amount of consumption of each tenant and the building in general. For the purpose of reducing the level of potable-water consumption special water-saving sanitary ware has been installed. Control is exercised and records are kept with regard to energy resources consumed by each tenant. For convenience of alternative-transport users there are bicycle parking lots near the building.

Alexander Ostrovsky, CEO of O1 Properties, said: “Enhancement of ecological efficiency of buildings is one of the key priorities of O1 Properties strategy. Application of environmental standards not only contributes to quality improvement of the used space, but also makes it possible to minimize operational costs and enhance business efficiency. We note increased interest of tenants to compliance with environmental standards, that is why, the ‘green’ certificating increases competitive advantage of our buildings.”

Vivaldi Plaza Business Center is located in one of the main Moscow business areas close Paveletskaya Metro Station. The complex was commissioned in May 2011. Architectural composition of Vivaldi Plaza Business Center is unusual, it consists of four office buildings with mirror-surface glazing surrounding a spacious courtyard with a landscaped garden. The total area of buildings exceeds 48 thousand sq.m.

BREEAM - (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is an advanced and most widely used method of environmental-efficiency assessment of buildings. BREEAM determines standards for sustainable engineering and construction, as well as enables one to compare various buildings regarding the level of their impact on the environment. As of today there are only eight office buildings in Russia which have got BREEAM ecological certificates and four of them belong to O1 Properties, namely: Vivaldi Plaza, Lighthouse, Ducat Place lll, and White Square business centers.

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